2% 3 2 2 Thermoeconomics Analysis of Heat Pump System in Project

2%.3.2.2. Thermoeconomics Analysis of Heat Pump System in Project selleckchem Phase II The heating demand ultimately will reach 8 million square meters; because all user’s heating load is not sure now, we suppose that the entire heating area (planning) is divided into 27 cells, each of 300,000 square meters. We have established the thermoeconomics analysis model for project phase II, as shown in Figure 5. Figure 5The thermoeconomics model of phase II project system. The cash balance equation and the corresponding exergy balance equation of project phase II +27(ceEx2f+c2hiEx2hi+Za2i)=27c2iEx2i,Ex20+Ex2Z+27(Ex2f+Ex2hi)?��Ex2dest=27Ex2i.(6)The?arec20Ex20+ceEx2Z+Za2p calculation formula of exergy efficiency ��2�� of the project phase II system is as follows:��2��=27Ex2iEx20+Ex2Z+27(Ex2f+Ex2hi)��100%.

(7)After calculation, we can get that ��2�� is 60.6%. 3.2.3. Thermoeconomics Model of Gas Boiler Heating System The fuel of the gas boiler system is mainly natural gas. In the combustion process, natural gas and oxygen are mixed thoroughly, so the combustion is sufficient, containing a small amount of dust in the flue gas emissions and almost no nitrogen oxide and sulfide. Natural gas belongs to clean energy, so using gas boiler for heating is friendly to our environment. The Shijiazhuang government makes some policies and regulations [9] against atmospheric pollution and the environmental improvement, which pointed out that the city’s distributed coal-fired boilers must be dismantle or transformed in the time of one Dacomitinib year; central heating cannot meet the new district heating can be used in addition to the water source heat pump centralized heating can also choose other than gas-fired boiler system. The gas boiler system can be selected for the newly built residential area as a heating mode when urban centralized heat supply cannot meet the needs.

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