There were no negative correlations between gray matter volume an

There were no negative correlations between gray matter volume and HAT performance. These data support a neurobiological basis for humor appreciation, particularly involving left-hemispheric cortical systems, and further suggest that individual differences in humor appreciation may be related to differences in regional gray matter volume. NeuroReport 23:1059-1064 (C) 2012 Wolters Kluwer Health \ Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.”
“Multibillion-clone libraries of phages displaying guest peptides fused to the major

coat protein pVIII (landscape libraries) are a rich source of probes for proteinaceous and non-proteinaceous targets. As opposed to the pIII-type fusion phages, which display peptides as independent structural domains, the guest peptides in the pVIII-fusion phages can be structurally and functionally influenced by contiguous subunits. To decipher the impact of the locale of a guest peptide on its affinity characteristics, SRT1720 we constructed a library of phages carrying beta-galactosidase-binding peptide ADTFAKSMQ at the N-terminus of the pVIII protein surrounded by random amino acids. It was found that mutagenesis of amino acids 12-19

(domain Q has polar effects on target binding affinity of the displayed peptide. The phages with highest affinity are characterized by: (i) a net electrostatic charge around -1 of domain C of the mutated phages at pH 7.0; (ii) a lower radius of cylinder coaxial to

alpha-helix formed by domain C; (iii) a lower higher occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) of domain C leading to a decreased PARP inhibitor formation of hydrogen bonds and (iv) positively charged surface and torsion energy of domain C, which may require a conformational transition of N-terminal peptide ADTFAKSMQ for its binding with beta-galactosidase. Influence of the guest peptide on the diversity of mutations in the neighboring landscape area was also observed.”
“Recently, several broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (bnMAbs) directed to the CD4-binding site (CD4bs) of gp120 have been isolated from HIV-1-positive donors. These include VRC01, 3BNC117, and NIH45-46, all of which are capable of neutralizing about 90% of circulating HIV-1 isolates and all of which induce conformational changes in the HIV-1 gp120 monomer similar to those induced by the CD4 receptor. and In this study, we characterize PGV04 (also known as VRC-PG04), a MAb with potency and breadth that rivals those of the prototypic VRC01 and 3BNC117. When screened on a large panel of viruses, the neutralizing profile of PGV04 was distinct from those of CD4, b12, and VRC01. Furthermore, the ability of PGV04 to neutralize pseudovirus containing single alanine substitutions exhibited a pattern distinct from those of the other CD4bs MAbs. In particular, substitutions D279A, I420A, and I423A were found to abrogate PGV04 neutralization.

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